Chairman of the Board (CHM)

Description: The Chairman of the board is the overseer of the Board and company. He/she is responsible for running the Board smoothly and effectively. His/her duties typically include maintaining and coordinating strong communication with CEO and the rest of the staff, formulating the company's strategy and operations, and dealing with major corporate decisions.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Description: The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for entire operations of the company. The CEO responsibility to implement board decisions and initiatives and to maintain the operation firmly, with assistance of the senior management the CEO is also designated as the company's President. The CEO is responsible for management, operation, and community status to ensure best quality service.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Description:The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for the community's operation and management. The COO looks to issues that relate to Military, marketing, management, production, legal affairs, and personal to ensure best quality service within the community. The Board of Directors needs to understand the real work behind the company's core operations, and the buck stops with the COO, whose primary concern is operations improvement. Operations management is an area of business operations are efficient and effective.

Chief of Staff (CoS)
Description: The Chief of Staff is responsible for all communication and policies within the community. He/she is responsible with communication between high ranked leaders and Board members below to communicate with the Creators The Chief of Staff also helps assign and appoint leaders within Merciless Pros Network.

Chief Strategic Officer (CSO)
Description: The Chief Strategic Officer is an executive who is responsible for assisting the CEO with creating, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives with MPN. He/she is considered a "doer". The CSO also is responsible to create new operations and improve clan-ops of Merciless Pros Network. He/she works with the Chief Performance Officer in order to create the progress in certain operations.

Chief Performance Officer (CPO)
Description: The Chief Performance Officer is the responsible for establishing performance metrics and operations to MPN. He/she recommends a set of performance-based actions for the COO to implement, always creates new forms of strategic performance in order for the company to run. The CPO also reports strategic progress and results to the executive team and is always analyzing to deliver better performance to the management.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Description: The Chief Information Officer is responsible of making sure that logistics and development teams have the correct information to do their duties. They communicate with multiple board members and leaders to convey the information and findings that they receive, and ensures that it gets to the correct members. The CIO is always working and progressing to improve Merciless Pros Network's services to all members.

Chief of General Assistance (CGA)
Description: The goal of the Chief General Assistance is to assist in any department that might be having a problem. The CGA is responsible for Management of a department that is having trouble in its current OM. The CGA is multi-talented individual whose purposes is to give a new view on multiple projects. This position doesn't have in given power over any of these projects unless given it by the project management leader. The CGA answers to the CEO or Chairman and is assigned by the CEO.

Chief Justice Officer (CJO)
Description: The Chief Justice Officer is in charge of building and maintaining the Department of Defense as well as the court side of MPN. He/She handles court cases that are brought to MPN and gets the final say in all the decisions made on the court side. The CJO also is in charge of building the team that is the defense system for all MPN members. When MPN is attacked by a rival clan, then the CJO initiates the defense sequence that all DoD members use to defend their MPN community.

Chief Media Director (CMD)
Description: The Chief Media Director is in charge of all the Media, Graphics, and some of the Marketing that takes place in the community. The CMD also builds teams to help with certain projects and those teams offer their services to other MPN members. The CMD has to always have a team ready to make graphics for the community or even make videos to be posted for other MPN members. This duty takes a lot of talent and knowledge in the fields.

Chief of Talent Relations (CTR)
The Chief of Talent Relations is responsible for maintaining the offical Merciless Pros competitive teams that represent our community in tournaments for online and LAN play. They oversee each team for their assigned game and ensure the players have a schedule and the resources needed to stay competitive in tournament gameplay. The CTR is also responsible for appointing Team Managers to help recruit and oversee each of the teams assigned. When bringing on new team members the CTR will help decide which team they best fit before trying out.