Merciless Pros Network's members will display a professional gaming manner at all times. Any match a MPN member participates in should observe the rules listed below, and show the sportsmanship required. As a member, you not only represent yourself, but MPN as a whole community.

All MPN members MUST be at least 14 years of age. MPN is a mature gaming community. If a gamer is under the age of 14, they will have to be accepted in by a leader of the division based off maturity. NO EXCEPTIONS! Any member who lies or any rank below the General caught recruiting underage members will be dealt with accordingly.

Merciless Pros Network's members CANNOT be apart of any other gaming communities! Any and all gamer tags must be either in MPN or in none at all. ZERO TOLERANCE! If a MPN member leaves, they are NOT allowed back without approval of the Board. In the event of a member wanting to come back, each situation will be looked at by the Board on a case-by-case basis.

Never leave a fellow Merciless Pros Network member behind. We are all on the same team, and are expected to represent the MPN gaming community in a positive manner.

Respect every MPN member. We are all in the same community so we should all get along. Any person not respecting another member will be warned, more than once will be issued supreme punishment.

Every member needs to be signed up on the website and should be visiting it daily. If the member does not have a computer than a special decision will be made. Members also need to attend meetings; if they cannot attend them they need to message a squad or division leader.

All members must stay in uniform. If you are not in uniform then you are not a part of the community. That means that your Xbox Live Profile Motto and online Clan Tags remain in order. If you do not have a MPN gamer-tag then your clan tags are to say [MPN]. If you do own a MPN gamer-tag then your clan tags are to say your [RANK]. You will be warned one time for being out of uniform, after that you will be removed from the community. If you are in-active for a week without permission from the General or Major than you will be removed from the community. Let your squad leaders know if you will be in-active for a long period of time!

When summoned by a higher-ranked MPN member you are to report immediately. If you are too busy to join, you must send them a message asap. No excuses!

No seniority in MPN. However hard you work in the community is based off the rank you receive. In other words, what you put into the MPN community is what you get out of it.

Violations of the Honor Code consist of trash talking, discrimination, racism, sexism, harassment, cheating, poaching, demoting members without reasoning, or any other aggressive behavior toward fellow online gamers. Every situation is different and will be handled appropriately on a case by case basis by the leaders of MPN.